Tenax is the expression of 40 years of experience in 100% made in Italy clothing production.

We are based at the sales hub Centergross, in Bologna, since the early 80’s.

The company produces in Italy and commercializes worldwide wholesale female ready-to-wear attire. Every season we make garments on a weekly basis so we offer our customers a steady stream of selection, both in showrooms and online.

Tenax offers innovative design, attention to details and exclusive style with a good relationship between high quality and price.

The style that Tenax proposes is fashion, elegant and trendy. Our garments are suitable for any occasion and are ideal for a woman who seeks a look that is always up to date.

Tenax dresses a dynamic and elegant woman who is keeping up with the times, a woman who loves to mix styles in a personal way, a woman who express herself by dressing with personality.